the horned moon,

st. james Jenn has been collecting resin ball-jointed dolls since 2005. Jenn is a buyer for an independent retailer by day, and jewelry artisan for the horned moon, with one bright star by night. Her other interests include gardening, antiquing, and starting projects she’ll never finish. Jenn sometimes remembers to blog about making jewelry on Tumblr.

with one bright star

idrisfynn Machaelle has been collecting all kinds of dolls and manga/anime related action figures since the early 80’s. A small collection of 1/6th Dollfie lead to the discovery of Super Dollfies in 1999, and since 2005 they have been her primary collecting focus. She is the photographer for the horned moon, with one bright star. Machaelle’s other interests include vinyl records, travel, street fashion, and all things new and now. Machaelle occasionally blogs about dolls that catch her eye on Tumblr.