spring has sprung

news 0408

We hope this newsletter finds you all well. March has been a challenging month for us here at orangebabydolly so we are quite happy to be able to present a modest release for your perusal in spite of setbacks along the way.

April will bring you more sterling silver necklaces from the Modern Glyphs line. Runes, elements and some new abstract forms are at the core of the collection. A few of orangebabydolly’s trademark ‘meteorite finish’ sets will be available for boys; the rings are adjustable but do note that this time they have been made slightly larger so as to fit the thicker index and middle fingers of Dollshe, Volks SD13 and Senior Delf boys. When purchasing a set, please let us know what type of doll will be wearing the ring so that we can ensure that it is properly shaped to fit. Any necklaces shown on rolo chain can be shortened to fit smaller dolls at no extra charge.