a new name and a new Etsy shop



There is no plan for a new jewelry release soon, but we do have an important bit of news.

orangebabydolly has officially split into two separate companies with no financial ties to one another. The doll jewelry business will be retained by yours truly St. James and partner idrisfynn. The human jewelry business, with which most non-locals are not familiar, will remain with Maggie. She has chosen to hand over to us all rights to the orangebabydolly company name, but we feel that since it was her personal nickname it would not be appropriate to continue using it when she is no longer an active part of the business. The result is that both branches will be moving away from orangebabydolly and establishing new names.

The doll jewelry will be sold under the name the horned moon, with one bright star. We understand that this is quite a mouthful and you are welcome to shorten it to “horned moon” rather than attempting some nonsensical acronym. We are not exactly sure how or when we will manage any website transition, as this decision comes at a time of the year when we really have no spare time to work on the idea. In the meantime, we have also begun expanding into an Etsy shop under the new name.

Maggie’s jewelry for people is now sold on Etsy under the name Sticks and Stones SF.