There is a crispness in the air and the anticipation of rain here in San Francisco. We must admit that it is a refreshing change from the sticky heat we’ve been experiencing even though we know that it also means the days will soon be getting shorter.

The release for the month of October will feature hand fabricated sterling pieces in our Modern Glyphs line along with a few new cast sterling pieces which orangebabydolly has integrated into her work to charming effect. Commercially cast sterling elements are always noted as such in our descriptions and that is the only time any of the sterling used is cast; all other sterling pieces are hand cut, filed, hammered, drilled, textured, shaped and soldered from sheet silver and silver wire by orangebabydolly’s own two hands. This month you may see some necklaces that look familiar from previous releases because she decided to give a second chance to some of the people who missed them the first time.

We have one new model making her debut in October; the long and lovely Delphine will be wearing our medium sized pieces. She’s a hybrid of a Dream of Doll Camine boy head on a Dollshe girl body. She is a lot taller, but her neck and finger measurements are the same as those of Delf boys and Volks SD girls.

Important notice! We hope to attend the Volks Los Angeles Dolls Party in November as vendors. We will not know if our application has been approved until after October 6th. If we are accepted, there will not be a November release on eBay because we will need that time to prepare enough stock. The three of us will be attending Dolpa as ordinary guest regardless, so we look forward to seeing many of you there!