new auctions begin


Greetings all! This is the first time we are using our new newsletter format. We will miss creating the preview slideshows, but the sales process needed streamlining to accomodate our reduced workforce. That means there is no wait for the release: new sterling silver jewelry is up for auction on eBay now!

The July release includes a selection of gemstone necklaces using citrine, carnelian, malachite and blue sapphire cabochons. Also in this release is a second, much clamored for Murano glass torsade this time in cool colors and a smaller size. Rounding out the necklace selection are some sleeker pieces – a vintage glass lariat, an all-sterling piece featuring a new dapped cable chain, and a choker made from tiny abalone shell heshi we found while in Tokyo.

Most exciting for us in this release are the new rings. We are offering four new bands featuring the alchemical glyphs for Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Because the glyphs for Fire/Water and Air/Earth are the same symbol oriented differently, the band for each glyph has been given a texture that relates to the specific element. This allows the wearer to orient the ring in either direction without the glyph losing its meaning.

For the first time in our five year history we are offering ring with a faceted gemstone in a prong setting. We have been reluctant to do so because prong settings are much more delicate than bezel settings, and they do not tolerate rough handling. We always recommend removing your doll’s rings when changing clothes or travelling, but doubly so for this type of ring. The trade-off for the delicacy of the prong setting is the amount of light it lets into the brilliant white topaz! We are not sure if this ring type will become a standard offering, but there will certainly be a few more sparkly topazes in the future.