news for March

news 0308

We have a lot of news for you this month! Firstly, the grooved sterling bands we introduced last month are now available in our medium and small sizes. orangebabydolly was unhappy with the idea of excluding smaller dolls from ordering, so she has found a way to create a thinner version of that particular design. Also new in this release is a gemstone set version of the triple ridge ring. This style is subject to the fitting restrictions we mentioned last month.

This month we introduce a new style of sterling silver chain! We will have a few pieces made with one millimeter snake chain (also known as invisible link chain). Snake chain is very delicate so we recommend that these pieces be kept lying flat in their jewelry boxes when they are not being worn by your dolls; this will prevent kink damage to the tiny links.

We will have a number of necklace and ring sets in the March release, all of which are medium sized. This size is for Volks girls with separated fingers and Delf boys. You will also see our model Delphine wearing this size, but Dollshe girls are fairly rare. With the exception of the grey and silver cultured pearl pieces, all of these styles can be reproduced for other dolls upon request.

As a special treat this month, orangebabydolly has created several tribal pieces using extremely rare ancient African beads from her personal collection. With these pieces we also introduce our new sales policy for any jewelry made with tribal artifacts. All tribal pieces will be sold at auction rather than as fixed price listings. Tribal beads and silver pieces are becoming more difficult and costly to create; our visits from African traders are much less frequent and less fruitful, orangebabydolly’s personal collection of doll scaled pieces is dwindling, and demand far exceeds availability. Our shipping policy for these unique and irreplaceable items has changed as well: all domestic parcels will be sent via insured Priority Mail and all international parcels will be sent via Registered Mail only. We are hoping to move our regular fixed price sales to our own website soon, in light of recent changes to eBay policy, but we will still use eBay auctions for the time being.

Continuing the theme of rarity, we have one very camera shy model joining the ranks this month. Aeschylus is idrisfynn’s Soom Mecha Angel Corvi, but he is extremely reclusive and only stepped out of the shadows to wear a single extra large-sized piece. For those of you who own Soom Super Gem boys, it may be useful to note that Mecha Angels and Super Gem share the same hand sculpt, so we can guarantee the fit of our rings on your Spinel boys.