rarities and sparklies


It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since our last jewelry auction. Alas! Real life continues to obstruct fulfillment of the desire to play with pretty things all day long. A mild spring and a return to daylight savings time proved inspirational, however, and we are happy to present a new collection for May.

The May 2013 release features an even split between pieces in a warm earthy tribal style and the bright sparkle of gemstones in cool pastel colors. St. James unearthed some rarities from her bead collection: among them an ancient weathered shell, a scattering of Mauretanian coral and an etched carnelian bead from the fascinating and mysterious ancient Indus Civilization. The African trade bead selection is particularly choice this time, with some rare lavender and blue-green colors as well as bold stripes and luscious red whitehearts. At the other end of the spectrum, our infatuation with the clear spring green of peridot is given full indulgence with three different peridot necklaces in varying degrees of decadence. Peridot and apatite always photograph well, but some of the other gemstones used in this release look much better in person than they do online because the color is too subtle for most monitors to render. Be assured that the amethyst, agate, iolite and malachite are worth bringing home!

Some new dolls have joined our crew in the last year and some have moved on. The new faces you will see modelling this collection are Gabriel, an MsDoll Ganymede on a Dollstown 15yr boy body; Bishop, a Switch Mara on a Volks SDGraffiti boy body; and a DollClans Kien on a Volks SD16 boy body who has so far eluded naming. There are also a few new doll types available for us to use as fit models for special orders. We now have an Immortality of Soul Class80, an iplehouse nYID girl, a Volks SDGraffiti girl, a DollZone Moment and a Volks SDGou.

Please note that St. James and idrisfynn will be travelling for three weeks shortly after the auction end date. If you chose to bid on this release we ask that you be prepared to pay within 48 hours, otherwise we will not be able to ship your jewelry to you until June.

We always love to hear from you, whether or not you feel compelled to buy anything this time around, and we are of course always interested in knowing about what you’d like to see us release in the future.