September news

Orangebabydolly has been working hard to create new and exciting jewelry to tempt your dolls!

This release focuses primarily on pieces for the larger boy dolls, but there will be some very choice things for girls as well.

We debut a new jewelry category this month: hair ornaments. The hair sticks and combs you will see in this release are just the beginning!

Also new is the cold forging technique used to create some of the pieces for September. This is a very laborious (and noisy!) process so cold forged pieces will be offered only intermittently.

In the near future, the polished spike ring introduced in this release will be added to our selection of ring styles that can be made to order in any size.

One new doll model makes an appearance this month, St. James’ Dollstown Elysia girl Pauline. Please note that Pauline is on the rather meaty 15 girl body, so she is shown wearing a necklace that is best suited for SD13 boys.