we return!

news 0808

We were thrilled to attend San Francisco’s Dollectable convention again this year. A big thanks to those of you who were there and stopped by our booth to say hello! It was a delight to chat with so many of our regular customers and admire their dolls in person!

Some of you may have already noticed the minor changes we have made to our ring sizing chart posted on Den of Angels. We have decided to add an additional size and rename an existing size, so we’ll go over all of them once more here:

XXS 1.3cm ~ XS 1.5cm ~ S 1.6cm
M 1.7cm ~ XM 1.9cm
L 2.1cm ~ XL 2.3cm ~ XXL 2.5cm

Dollshe boys and Senior Delf boys were previously grouped in the Large size, but have now been given their own Extra Large size. Volks SD16 boys, DollZone 70cm boys, Elysium boys, and Bishonen House boys wear the size that is now designated XXL.

To make matters more confusing, one of our models for the August release is Daniel, St. James’ Yukinojo who usually pilots an Elysium body but this time is shown on a Dollshe body. Just keep this in mind when browsing the rings.

This month’s release consists primarily of small and medium sized necklace and ring sets. Please check the sizes ahead of time so that you can be certain that both the necklace and ring will fit the doll of your choice.