welcoming winter


Holiday greetings to all!

We hope you are able to have a joyful holiday season surrounded by your family and friends (resin or otherwise).

As previously mentioned, we attended the Volks Dolls Party in Los Angeles on November 24th and 25th. It was a delight to see so many familiar faces and make new friends too! To those of you who stopped by to shop or say hello, thank you! We were a bit out of sorts due to lack of sleep, but we were very happy to be there.

Our website is still work in progress, but if you go to www.orangebabydolly.com you will see that it is finally live! We are still working on how best to replace eBay sales with website sales, so in the near future we may call on our customers for feedback on how to format releases.

The December release will feature necklaces made from African trade beads and antique silver, with a few of our basic Modern Glyph necklaces and rings to round out the assortment.