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news 0208

The February release will feature hand-fabricated sterling silver pieces from our Modern Glyphs series as well as some pieces using Balinese silver elements. New semi-precious gemstones introduced this month are pale lavender iolite and lovely black and silver pyrite; other pieces feature aquamarine, peridot, onyx and the much favored moonstones and almandine garnets.

With this release, orangebabydolly introduces four new ring styles made expressly for larger boys. They will be available by special order at any time, but they can only be made for dolls that we also own unless you are willing to send us your doll’s hand for fitting. This is because the rings are created from multiple layers of silver (which makes them unable to flex in the manner of our rings made from single sheets of silver) and shaped precisely to a specific doll hand type. This introduction will include rings for Dollshe boys and Volks SD13 boys with the common H-01 hand. Delf boy rings will also be available in this release, but they were an experiment that will not be repeated. Please understand that these rings are not adjustable and cannot be made to fit a different type of doll without damaging them. We’ve tried!

Also new this month are bangle bracelet sets for girls. After careful consideration we have decided to offer these to the public, even though they require a little more care than our cuff bracelets. The bangles are a continuous strip of silver so your doll’s hand must be removed in order to put them on. They are designed to fit most 60cm girl arms, but please note the measurements carefully. It is also of particular importance that these bangles be kept clean and polished to avoid leaving marks on your doll’s arm with excessive movement. That being said, we’ve had similar pieces on our own dolls with no ill effects.

We have two minor changes to our model lineup this month. St. James’ Cassidy (Volks F-30) is borrowing the lovely limbs of a Supia Roda to wear the bangle bracelets. Sean (idrisfynn’s Volks Williams) is now piloting a Volks SD-17 boy body in lieu of his former Senior Delf body.

Last but not least, we are very excited to present our new preview format. From now on you will be able to browse through the entire release ahead of time on our own website. Please take a look!